5 Best Body Shop Products You Shouldn’t Miss!!

Body Shop is best known for its Cosmetics and Beauty products that are completely made from natural ingredients using Environmentally friendly and 100% Animal cruelty free means. The Body Shop rules the makeup cabinets and drawers and is one of the favorites of all the women around the world.

Right from their body butters to their tea tree oil range, there is something for everyone.

Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream: for sensitive skin

ColorizeMag Body Shop

The three key ingredients in this cream are Vitamin E, which is a very powerful antioxidant that helps repair damage skin, Sorbitol, an excellent agent to preserve skin moisture and Lanolin which protects and moisturizes the skin and is also one of the richest moisturizer available. The thick creamy cream gets absorbed into the skin very quickly and leaves it looking healthier, softer and more supple than ever! Perfect for dry skin especially in winter months. Price in India: Rs.1195


The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash

ColorizeMag Body Shop Facewash

Another must have product from TBS for oily & acne prone skin. In fact, The Body Shop’s entire tea tree range is fabulous. It targets at removing skin blemishes with regular use without over-drying the skin. The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash gives clearer looking skin if used regularly. Priced at Rs. 695


The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter

ColorizeMag Body Shop Hair Butter

The best hair spa you can have at home. It is rich and have deep-conditioning formula which makes the hair glossy and tangle free if used at least once a week. One of the must have Body Shop Products . It is priced at Rs. 1095 and a single tub lasts for months.


The Body Shop Body Polish

ColorizeMag Body Polish

We all want our skin to be squeaky clean just as our faces but sometimes scrubs can be too drying or too rough on the skin. This product from the body shop is one of the best body scrubs out there in the market with several fragrances and types to choose from. They leave the body so clean and leave behind a trail of fragrance. It is suitable for everyday use as the particles are not harsh on the skin but they clean effectively. Price in India: Rs.650


Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil

ColorizeMag Hair oil

You must be aware of the nourishing benefits of coconut and undoubtedly, it is not just one of the best Body Shop products, but also the best coconut oil made from the finest coconuts. Its purity gets proven from the fact that it doesn’t get solidify even during winters. It makes your hair look softer, shinier, and healthier, while providing the much needed nourishment that your scalp craves for. It’s for Rs.695!


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