Stay away from oily skin by following these daily routine.

These days oily skin is every 2nd person’s problem and almost impossible to get rid of. It always destroys the perfect picture and comes with a devil called “Pimples”. In the busy daily schedule, it is difficult to cope up wih it, but you can stay clear if you follow these daily routine and get a habit of it.

  • Aloe Vera 

You have got to stop looking for 1000000 DIY home face packs and just get this straight: Nothing can help with your oily skin break outs but Aloe Vera. No need to waste 1000 bucks behind some luxury cream, Patanjali Aloe Vera gel costs like Rs 70 and is the best one yet. It can also be used as primer before makeup to avoid break outs because of makeup.


  •  Drink a lot of water

Well duh? I believe this is something each and every person should know and follow regularly. Sadly we are so busy in our work that no one remembers to do one thing which actually affects our health but remember to post a facebook update about Pokemon Go! Glady we live in a time where we have Water drink Reminder as well. Download the app and stay hydrated all the time! It removes all the toxins and keep body cool and hence keeps skin oil free.


  • Cleanse your face using face wash minimum 4 times a day

Don’t let the oil stay on your face for a long time. It takes 2 minutes to wash a face but an eternity to get rid of the pimples and other skin problems because of it. Keep a fixed reminder for first few weeks to get a habit of it. Also don’t be harsh on your skin. Choose a mild yet cleansing face wash. Best I could recommend is Cetaphil cleanser and Vichy Derma white. If you are running low on budget then you can choose Patanjali Saundarya Face wash. It cleanses well and skin stays oil free for a long time.


  • Avoid make up

I know it is important to look beautiful all day but make up doesn’t make you beautiful at all. If It is too important then keep it minimal. Use aloe vera gel based cream before applying any make up.  Also you can avoid foundation and just use primer to give a matte finish effect on skin followed by a little bit of compact.

Woman looking at self in mirror.

  • Prefer to wear cotton clothes

If your body stays cool, your skin stays cool. Don’t leave any loopholes for oil to come on your skin. Cotton doesn’t make you feel hot especially while travelling and thus results in no oily face.


Follow these routine and then you can proudly say- No chip chip No Jhik Jhik. 😛

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