10 of the world’s weirdest breakfasts

Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but not everyone enjoys it in quite the same way.

Some people, for example, believe in a big cholesterol-busting, slow-energy releasing bowl of porridge. Others prefer a big gut-busting, blood-sugar-spiking fry-up.

And then there are others around the world who prefer to start the day with a nice oily pickle and lump of fermented soy instead.

Here are some of the strangest breakfasts from around the globe…

Breakfast in Alaska

‘Featuring reindeer meat and an egg nestled on a pancake.

‘Poor old Rudolph, he won’t be able to join in any reindeer games now, will he?’


Breakfast in Japan

‘What do you mean you’ve never had tofu for breakfast?’ writes Victoria.

‘It’s a popular choice in Japan, along with fish and rice. Soak it in soya sauce and you’ve got yourself one delicious, and semi-healthy breakfast.’

Breakfast in Ghana

‘The most popular breakfast item in this African country is waakye.

‘It’s basically rice cooked in beans and is found at all the street stalls in Ghana.’


Breakfast in Mexico

The delightful plate consists of beef tips, chilequiles and other assorted goodies eaten in Manzanillo.

Nachos, cheese and beans always feature heavily and a delicious, spicy breakfast is the norm.


Breakfast in Germany

Wursts, local cheeses and freshly baked bread is the normal fare for a German breakfast.

All washed back with a delicious coffee.


Breakfast in the Philippines

Local fruits like mangoes, rice, and little sausages (known as longganisa).

When fried with salt and garlic cloves it’s known as sinangag.

The sinangag is then combined with eggs, meats and beans.


Breakfast in Colombia

‘There are  a variety of regional staples to keep your stomach grumbles at bay throughout the day.

‘In Cundinamarca this changua dish is very popular.

‘It’s made from milk, scallions and cheese.’

Breakfast in France

‘Ah, le croissant, le croissant, how I love le croissant!

‘Pack them with crushed almonds, butter, chocolate or cream, they always taste good.’


Breakfast in Australia

‘There’s only one crucial ingredient here, Vegemite.

‘Travelling Aussies are often found with a sneaky pot of the sticky, salty brown stuff in their backpack.

‘Just don’t get in the Vegemite vs Marmite war – everybody knows Marmite is better, but let them have their fun.’


Breakfast in Thailand

‘You’ll find this dish at stalls throughout Thailand.

‘It’s a minty spicy fish with a sweet & spicy pork, served with rice.

‘By all accounts it tastes excellent, and it’s cheap at only 30 Bhat.

‘Thai breakfast fare isn’t all that different from what you’d eat for lunch and dinner’



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