When Kristen Stewart Style Gives You Chills ;)

When it comes down to her own style, she plays it cool. And did you knew, She’s the brand ambassador of Chanel Already! Here some of her style :

  1. Oh the casual look, Don’t you thing she rock this Shirt?! ColorizeMag Kristen Stewart Casual Look 
  2. It was 69th Cannes Festival ColorizeMag Kristen Stewart 69th Cannes Festival 
  3. At Chanel Event
    ColorizeMag Kristen Stewart Chanel 
  4. She’s wearing DIOR!
    ColorizeMag Kristen Stewart Dior 
  5. That’s Christian Loubountin
    ColorizeMag Kristen Stewart Christian Louboutin 
  6. Oh yeah, Stella McCartney  ColorizeMag Kristen Stewart Stella McCartney 
  7. Zuhair Murand, one of her favourites!  ColorizeMag Kristen Stewart Zuhair Murad Style 
  8. At Haute Couture Event
    ColorizeMag Kristen Stewart Haute Couture 
  9. Wearing Proenza
    ColorizeMag Kristen Stewart Proenza 
  10. Lucia Pica Edition
    ColorizeMag Kristen Stewart Lucia Pica
  11. Beckham Beckham, Victoria Bechkam she’s wearing  ColorizeMag Kristen Stewart Victoria Beckham 
  12. More of Zuhair Murand, told ya one of her favs!  ColorizeMag Kristen Stewart Zuhair Murad 
  13. It’s Balenciaga
    ColorizeMag Kriten Stewart Balenciaga
  14. Rocking her J Mendal Dress   ColorizeMag Kristen Stewart J Mendel 
  15. At NY Film Critic
    ColorizeMag Kristen Stewart NY Film Critics
  16. More of Black, wearing this at some event in Paris  ColorizeMag Kristen Stewart Paris 
  17. Chanel Again.
    Colorize Mag Kristen Stewart Chanel Event

  18. Her movie premiere “On the Road”    ColorizeMag Kristen Stewart On the Road 

That’s it. You need more of it, stay tuned to our blogs! Like, share and comment. Spread all the love, Colorize Mag, Xoxo!

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