15 Biggest Objects in the World

The best part about art is that it challenges our conceptions of reality. These are the kinds of sculptures you’d want to see in person.

1.Badminton Shuttlecock
Have you ever imagine using the shuttlecock in the other way, Never thought it can be used this way.Shutter

2. Giant Yellow Teddy Bear by Urs Fischer
Teddy Bear is cute, isn’t? Do you find this one cute? Tell us.
This giant teddy bear was on display in New York back in 2011. It was made of bronze, weighed 35,000 pounds, and stood 23 feet tall.


3. Basket Building
The Longaberger Basket Building is a handcrafted maple wood building. It’s a 7 story corporate office of the company and one can be completely amazed at the culture around this set of visions of a basket filled world.
Not exactly like to carry something but human,  it’s human house!


4. Guns by David Černý
Czech artist David Černý came up with this installation in an effort to convey the message that violence frequently leads into a deadlock and brings no benefit to anyone.


5. Large LEGO Sculptures by Access Agency
You will not believe but this was included in the series are Darth Vader and The Smurfs.

lego agency

6. Christmas Light
Not too big for a big festival like Christmas, huh?


7. Planet by Marc Quinn
There’s too much of love here because Marc Quinn designed this huge sculpture of his then 7 month-old son. Located in Singapore, this sculpture measures more than 10 meters in length and weighs 7 tons.


8. Cleaning
Probably not the right place to sit beside the broom, judging from its placement.


9. Cloth Clip
Don’t do it Don’t do it, that hurts! Ouch.


10. Pentateuque by Fabien Mérelle
Fabien brings to life the fantastical impossible act of an average man (a cast of the artist himself) balancing a gigantic elephant. It is found in Statue Square, Hong Kong.


11. Marilyn Monroe Sculpture by J. Seward Johnson
The beautiful lady is here.
26 foot-tall statue of Marilyn Monroe in her iconic pose from a 1955 movie. Originally located in Chicago, it was later moved to southern California in summer 2012.


12. Fork
A big fork, yeah just made a big difference; such an extremely viral advertisement!


13. Hard Rock
This probably saved the hotel owner a lot of budget on advertising.


14. Public Purse
Oh, who dropped a purse on the floor? Oh wait.


15. Rubber Duck.
I can’t ride it, it’s too adorable!  Hah.


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