10 Times RIHANNA stole the show!!

BECAUSE IT’S RIHANNA! IT’S RIHANNA! *music playing back*

  1. The 9 to 5 thigh high denim boots from the ‘Denim Dessert’ looks perfectly on her! And why it will not? DUH it’s worth $4000 #justsaying


2. Look at her smile *lovestruck* She grabbed this one from Balmain Trouser Collection, even you can . 😉

image (1)

3. Is that converse high heels? Only you, Rihanna, can pull this off! #sheisamazing.

image (2)

4. It’s her own FENTY Design, It looked crazy on her, she’s just so sexy and more in Black!

image (3)

5. BIG BIG Hoodies is quite, no I should say perfectly comfy and oversize is always a thing 😉

image (4)

6. Anybody can pull off Ripped pants or jeans but, she can pull off Ripped Sweatpant too! Breezy Breezy around the thigh and knee!

image (5)

7. Wearing a dress and hiding it on with Vetements hoodie. GOOD IDEA!

image (6)

8. Look her shirt, look at her bag! You SHOULD look at her Shoes too!

image (7)

9. During day time, only she can wear it off! Olive green is seen most these days, grab one now! #Olivegreenislove.

image (8)

10. Choker, Tee, Shorts and Boots, ALL TOGETHER?! Yeah, have a look below :

image (9)

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