Celebrity Kids who have slayed the Fashion world !

Suri Cruise

With parents like Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise who are wildly popular, you ought to be in the limelight. Suri has been a fashion icon ever since she was born. Along with inspiring her own fashion blog, she has come up with much creativity in terms of dressing, constantly wearing adorable leggings, dresses, accessories and other outfits.


Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz Beckham

The Beckham clan have a style like no other, thanks to their folks Victoria and David Beckham. Add an athletic get-up and modernise your sense of style and BAM! Beckham ensemble is here. Romeo (centre) was the Burberry Spring/ Summer 2013 campaign front when he was just 10!



Willow and Jaden Smith

They have their own sense of fashion and will rock it with confidence which most of them don’t have even when they’re old enough. They pair up and twin for many events with similar outfits. Willow and Jaden Smith define Bohemian Fashion.



North West

She’s a little girl with one of the best wardrobes in the world. Setting a style statement at a dainty age of 2 is not easy. However, there’s no shame in taking inspiration from a toddler when she wears the likes of Givenchy and Alexander Wang.


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