DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Decor Shakers

A quick and easy take on Christmas Decor. All you need is some salt and pepper shakers along with some Christmas Decor. Dunk in the salt and place the teeny weeny decors on it and BAM! You now have your work of art right in front of you.

salt shakers


Scrabble tiles

Who would have even thought of Scrabble being this useful?

So here you just need some scrabble blocks while you think of a phrase. Stick them together and add effects to them. For eg. Snow effects with cotton or anything else.


Family Wreath

Adding a creative touch to the wreath, you could personalize it by decorating it with pictures of your loved ones. (Sepia, Monochrome or Technicolor, whatever floats your boat.

Photo wreath

Keys on Trees

You could choose an assortment of sizes and paint the keys white and use red ribbons or vice versa. These keys can be used on the Christmas tree or even solely on walls.


Greeting Tree

A subtle yet innovative way of showcasing your season’s greetings. If your cards don’t have any place to be showcased, this is a great idea.  You could use ice cream sticks, too. Just make sure the stick below should be longer than the one above it.

Card tree


Cap Man

Once you’re done with your soda, you can create your own adorable snowmen with the bottle caps.



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