6 reasons why everyone loves December

2015 had all of us wondering how it passed so quickly. Moreover, WINTER IS HERE! Here are some of the reasons why December is everyone’s favorite.

  1. Longer nights and shorter days.

Curling up inside a warm blanket with a cup of coffee while it snows outside is the best thing. Cooler, longer nights amount to a good night’s sleep.



  1. Christmas preps.

Sweets, decorations (Especially the Xmas tree), clothes and all essentials this festive season, the list goes on. Well, you could do the Christmas Polka because this is Xmas season and there isn’t any reason.


  1. New Year’s Resolution.

Everyone plans a resolution and sees themselves as a better person, regardless of the fact that they keep up to it or no. It’s all a matter of persistence.


  1. Because WINTER IS HERE!!!!!

You are lying if you say that you dislike winter. Cold snow, warm sweaters, hot chocolate and bright lights equals winter. Of course, you’re lying!


  1. Winter Collection.

Nothing compares to the flawless winter collection our favorite brands offer. The festive season being the icing on the cake, brings with it ‘SALE’, a ladies charmer.


  1. Vacations!

Vacations mean more sleep, more drives, more coffee, more love, more fun, more laughter, more dreams and much more.





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