5 new ways to eat OREO!

You dunk it, split it, soak it or bake it. It’s all upon you. Oreo, the sandwich cookie has fascinated almost everyone in this world with its original taste.

1. Deep Fried Oreo

This carnival staple, where Oreos are dipped in pancake mix definitely gives our taste buds the time of their lives. Find the recipe here

deep fried oreos

2. Vanilla Cream dip

Extract the cream, microwave it for 10 seconds. Dip the cookies in the cream and VOILA! Your mouth is full of surprises! You could decorate it with extra sprinkles.


3. Cupcake Decorations

You could use Oreos as cupcake decorations. Being compatible to all the flavours, it will only enhance the taste of the significant each.


4. Eat it with Ice cream

You could eat your Oreos with Ice cream. Not only will it give a quirky flavor to your Ice cream, it will also add a crunchy, nutty flavor to it.


5. Oreo Rice Treats

Yes, Oreo rice exists! Just simmer the Oreos, milk and rice and it’s done. We know it sounds unfamiliar but it is unique and tastes exceptionally great!


Sarah Fernandes


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