Where to put your dressing? (Even when you don't have space)

You love shopping but you live in a tiny place and stock all the clothes you’ve bought has became a nightmare for you?

Don’t worry here are 5 ideas to store everything with a minimum of space: 

 1) Use the space under your double decker bed to store your clothes, shoes, books,…


 2) In the entrance where you store your jackets why not add some of your dresses and shoes?


 3) Use a piece of furniture to separate 2 different spaces in a big room and this is also the perfect wardrobe for your fav’ dresses.


 4) Hang a clothes rack on the ceiling of your bedroom and you’ve got a superb clothes storage place that takes no place and costs no money.

Trouvé-sur-cheapclosetideas.com_(c) Lunda Gard

 5) When you plan to buy a new bed, take the one with storage inside!



Photos Credentials: Pinterest, Lunda Gard, 101woonideeen.nl, cheapclosetideas.com, thesmartlocal.com.

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