Several Shades Of The Babydoll Dress

The Babydoll dresses are flocking the stores again! They so are in the trend. Its quite obvious every fashion lover will grab one from the shops and experiment with them. A babydoll dress has a well fitted corseted top and fluffy bottom hence giving overall a straghtline cut to the dress.

This dress has been around since the seventies and was extremely popular back then, then fashion took a new turn at the end of the century and the dress has been hanging in closet for quite some time now. But now suddenly its all romance and whirl wind beauty all over again and all of the major designers are falling for tightly clinched waist lines and fluff, swingy skirts.

Here are some of the latest additions of the Babydoll dresses by the top designers that we absolutely love <3:

1) GiuliettaGiulietta_024_2000_426x639

2) Alberta FerrettiAlbert_Ferretti_005_1366_426x639

3) ValentinoValentino_007_2000_426x639

4) Chloechloe_011_2000_426x639

5) Calvin KleinCalvin_Klein_Collection_002_2000_426x639

P.C.: Vogue UK

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