Future of Self Defense?

Well, have no fear people cause The Defender is here! No No, it’s not an addition to the superhero universes rather a very effective and classy device to protect yourself.

This device has a cool name and several really cool functions as well. It seems like a pretty can of pepper spray but its anything but. The device has a tiny camera, bluetooth connection and an audio device and  siren as well!diy-can-pepper-spray-shoots-photo-your-attacker-while-you-spray-them.w654

When the nozzle is pressed it releases the most concentrated solution of pepper spray and at the same time clicks a picture of your assaulter , linking the image with the help of bluetooth to your smartphone it sends the image to a”24 hour service center” that connects to the cops of the area.

Well, the list of features doesn’t quite end here as it also has a siren to alert people in the nearby vicinity. It is useful for individual security as well as for medical purposes. This device gives protection immediately, catches the convict and provides safety for future as well!

Yes ladies the Defender has got the whole package.These tech beauties will soon hit the market and are planned to priced at a bargain of 150 $ by Indiegogo.

Say hello to safety!

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