20 Times Kim & Kylie Were The Same Person

1) Slinky, plunging neck line twins.gallery-1434821376-kimkylietwins1

2) Oh My! Long nails mani twins.

31-long-mani3) Okay, which is which twins!elle-kim-kylie-glasses4) Black bandeus because cant think of anything else to wear twins.gallery-1428444521-8-black-bandeau5) Cargo pants coz they are comfy twins.39-army-pants6) Green trench coats twins.40-green-trench7) With the bae twins43-with-my-boo8)The I am a Pirate twins20-bandana 9) Of Slits and Silks twinselle-kim-kylie-black-dress11) Sexy backs and lacy gowns twinsgallery-1435292266-landscape-1435242777-hbz-kim-kylie-naked-dress-comp12) Unusual black coats twins37-yeezy-show13) Casual, sexy bikinis twins.30-bikini14) The red October feels twins.25-red-octobor15) One of the several crop tops twins.16-black-bandeau16) I love my bestie twins. 26-black-friend-selfie17) Crosses and rings twins.3-swim17) I think they bought it together twins.14-bikini18) Of denim skirts and shirts twins.1-denim19) B**** I am trying to be Madonna twins.7-blonde20) Blank faced selfie twins.12-selfie-face

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