6 Best Looks Of Blake Lively

This gorgeous actress is not only known for her picture perfect Cinderella Strawberry Blonde beauty but also for her amazing fashion sense. Here are 6 dazzling looks of Blake Lively that we absolutely love.

1) Classic Lively:

Blake is classically known for carrying of that free Boho chic look. Nobody could pull of this dress without Blake’s to die for legs .095fce73a0ba42f1c019f6e9647883c6

2) Flowers and Spring all around:

She looks like fresh spring flower in this color rich dress.rs_634x1024-150512081630-634.Blake-Lively-Yellow-dress-china.jl.051215

3) Formal with a Twist:

Uptight formal suits for Blake Lively. No way.rs_634x1024-150511184711-634.Blake-Lively-Pink-Coat-NYC.ms.051115

4) Dressed to Kill:

Her red carpet fashions have been the talk of ton for a long time. This is just one of the many.rs_634x1024-150419183039-634.BlakeLively-jmd-041915

5) The Pattern Mixer :

Mixing and matching patterns can only be pulled off by this strawberry blonde.rs_634x1024-150422160031-634.Blake-Lively-NYC.ms.042215

6) The Color Spill:

Nobody could carry those catchy and stunning combination of colors and still look amazing but her.main.original.585x0Picture Courtesy: Elle.

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