5 Most Watched Sitcoms of All Times

One of the best ways to spend time your free time is watching sitcoms. They are a great watch for small group hangouts, for spending some quality couple time and when your home alone late at night they are your best entertainers.

Here are some of the must watch sitcoms of all times.

1) F.R.I.E.N.D.S.:

6 friends in their 20’s living in Manhattan trying to make it in life nothing groundbreaking. But the amazing characters, spot on direction and brilliant writing set it apart from all its contemporaries and the fact that it was very generic makes it transcend generations and is still one of the most re watched show today.Funny-GIFs-From-Friends

2) Sienfeld:

Another example of what a few bizarre characters faced with simple everyday life situations can create.This show had an amazing impact on cultural lives of its time and its jokes and one liners became fodder for future sitcoms and still are.5-seinfeld-the-parking-garage

3) The Big Bang Theory:

Who said science cant be funny and nerds cannot create humor? This sitcom has proved that Science jokes can be hilarious and that being a comic book nerd is completely cool.The Big Bang Theory - June 2013

4) The Office:

This show had lots of versions created all across the world. It used a typical office environment with characters so unique that now they have become stereotypes for every office culture.the-office

5) Arrested Development:

Set against the backdrop of luxurious and upscale Orange County , this show used all of its amazing and bizarre characters and impeccable writing to create unforgettable humor. The story line and the overall writing of this show is generally argued as best seen in any sitcom till date.arrested-development-season-4-cast-interviews-134515-a-1368452621-470-75


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