9 Fashion Careers You Were Unaware Of

  1. Set Designer

    If you cant help but love the grandeur of  television and movie sets and come up with brilliant additions of your own, then it is your field. Set designers are primarily assigned to conceptualize designs needed for movies, television sets and theater productions. 5069035_julietone

  2. Visual Merchandise Designers:

    If you love playing closet and rearranging your clothes in a way they look most  attractive then you are a born Merchandise designer.Visual merchandising Designers design window displays, arrange store merchandise, create props and accents, organize clothing placement and spearhead marketing campaigns.New-York-Christmas-Window-Display

  3. Fashion Illustrator:

    Basically designers who paint. They create illustrations for designers, magazines, advertisements, and retailers using everything from pastels and pencils to oils and computers.di48R5kAT

  4. Fashion Merchandising:

    ‘Palazzo pants are here to last’, if you dish out such statements frequently backed by research and proofs of changing trends then you are a born Fashion merchandiser. They work on the production side track and analyze market trends, production costs, and previous sales numbers to determine the product direction each season. 83253889

  5. Pattern Maker:

    Similar to a Sous Chef, Pattern makers work closely with fashion designers and design departments to create an initial rough draft of what the designer has in mind for any given garment.fashion-sample-maker

  6. Sales Representative:

    Are you a people’s person?Can you convince anyone to practically buy anything? Then this your playground.Fashion sales representatives are very well-rounded, adaptable, and flexible.Economy Adds Jobs, Unemployment Rate Remains At 9.6

  7. Accessories Designer:

    No outfit is complete without proper accessorization. An accessories designer is generally responsible for conceptualizing, developing, and creating designs of jewelry pieces, handbags, hats, belts, gloves, scarves and other items that will be used to compliment clothing apparels.Essentials fashion woman objects on wooden background

  8. Product Manager:

    Were you always  school teams’ captain who loved heading their own project and also possess an impeccable fashion sense? Then this the job for you.Product Managers are responsible for overseeing the conceptualization, design, construction, selling and distribution of a manufacturer or designer’s products. maxresdefault

  9. Pattern Grader: 

    Pattern graders are responsible for reducing or enlarging a pattern created by a pattern maker in order to produce clothes across a range of sizes (S, M, L, etc) and fits (tall, petite).PDS2Dand3D

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