7 Gap Toothed Models That Make Us Accept Who We Are!

Beauty is anything that you love about yourself. Quoted by Audrey Hepburn, “Happy girls are the prettiest”, no wonder these gorgeous ladies are show stoppers as they are happy with their own natural beauty. They  are considered stunning as they are and the way they are. Their gapped teeth have been the talk of media for some time now, but there reaction has always been, “People will stare, make it worth their while!”.

1. Lily Aldridge:

She is the cover model for Victoria’s secret and is completely at ease with her gapped teeth or her overall appearance for that matter. She insists photographers not to air brush her teeth as it something she loves and shouldn’t be taken away from her.LilyAldridgeTeeth

2. Jessica Hart:

This stunning model has worked for Ferragamo, Rag & Bone and H&M and makes the appearance without air brushing her teeth as its one of her conditions.Well, that has obviously worked as she is quite popular and regarded gorgeous what with the gapped teeth and all!1287467905407

3. Lindsey Wixson:

She says that she was usually mocked for her gapped teeth in high school and called nicknames as ‘parking lot’ and what not. Well, now this gorgeous lady is a super model who sure will leave those classmates mouths’ hanging open with her effortless charm and beauty. blondes_women_teeth_faces_lind_1280x1024_wallpapername.com

4. Lara Stone:

This super model is the current face of Calvin Klein and has never regarded her gapped teeth as nothing but an accessory to her beauty. She was never self conscious while growing up due to her mom’s unconditional support and is quite pleased with her lovely mouth.lara-stone-image-711506058

5. Jane Birkin:

The namesake for one of the most desired accessories in the world aka the Birkin bags is known as one of the most gorgeous style icons. Her gapped teeth just add to her style and she has never spared it a whim of thought in her beauty. 62564j9my5c3m956

6. Brigitte Bardot:

This stunning actress is considered one of the most beautiful ladies of all time and is renowned for her Cannes Festival appearances. She is known as an epic beauty and her gapped tooth was regarded as one of her most charming attributes.eyes

7. Jessica Paré:

“I forget about [my teeth] because they’re in my face and they do their job just great.” says this Mad Men star, known especially for her charming and beautiful smile . As we can see no gaps in her confidence as well.jessica-pare-768


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