5 Hairstyles to try this Monsoon

Unless you have short hair you will have nothing to complain about monsoon.  But if you have somewhere around middle length to long hair you cannot avoid the frizz that tags along. Here are 5 stylish and easy hairstyles that you must try this monsoon.

1) Sleek and high ponytails

Quick to create and will make you look tidy. If you want to make it tad bit glamorous, invest in a couple of headbands or bejeweled hair bands.


2) Braid

A simple, classic and quick hairstyle. Give your hair some rest with this hairstyle and you’re good to go.


3) Fishtale braid

This is the less chunky version of a normal braid. If you want a stylish hairstyle this is the one.

fishtale braid

4) Messy Buns

One of the easiest hairstyle. All you have to do is grab your hair and fix it in a bun.


5) Loose waves

Instead of using too many heat products just leave your hair with some cool waves. This will give you a messy look while you look stylish.



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