15 Must Watch Chick Flicks of 2014

1) The Fault In Our Stars.

A teenage sensation, this story is a heart rending tale of two young cancer fighters who fall in love and face the harsh truth of death.Film Review The Fault In Our Stars

2) Love, Rosie:

Based on a book by Cecilia Ahern, this is a cute and fresh tale of finding love in friendship and friendship in love.


3) The Theory Of Everything:

Based on the Nobel prize winning scientist Stephen Hawking’s life, this movie explores the special bond that Hawking had with his wife.


4) If I Stay:

A life far different than you planned or death? This movie shows the ultimate choice faced by a very young Mia and her final choice.Im-still-here-crazy-in-love-with-you-if-i-stay-adam-quote

5) You’re not you:

A pianist diagnosed with ASL who thrives on drama and a brash and cocky college student as the care taker. Its the perfect recipe for disaster and reaching out to others forming an unforgettable bond.

you're not you

6) The Giver:

In a perfect world a teenager realizes the importance of the loss and sacrifices of the past.

the_giver_movie_poster7) The One I Love:

A couple is on the brink of getting divorce. To give their relationship a final chance they get away only to be faced by another major problem.

the one i love

8) Comet:

The alternate universe romance is fresh and really different from its other contemporaries.


9) The Best Of Me:

The time tested story of high school estranged lovers coming home. Its sweet and tugs on your romantic strings.best

10) Still Alice:

Alzheimer, how it breaks the futile bonds and brings closer the real ones.




11) The Good Lie:

Another amazing movie of Spoone, its a tale of isolation and challenges one faces in a completely foreign land.Ax-Visuals_Dan-Ax_Thumb_The-Good-Lie

12) In Your Eyes:

A movie that employs telepathy as a medium to fall in love and understand each other.

in your eyes
13) The Book of Life:

One of the cutest, coming of age animation movie of the year.book-life

14) Wish I was Here:

A father and husband makes his way back to his family and in fact life in general in a totally bizarre method.hero-bloom-desktop

15) A Little Chaos:

Two artists falling in love in the 18th century…sigh. Kate Winslet and Alan Rickman are  simply stunning and a joy to watch.a-little-chaos-film-2015-versailles-garden-habituallychic-001

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