Shows Which Turned The Styles Of Their Time

TV series usually reflect the fashions and trends of their times, like Monica’s sheer fabric shirts in season 4 and Rachel’s palazzo in season 9, Lily’s cute short dresses and Robin’s professional suits, but there are some shows that changed  the trends of their time and dictated the styles of their time instead of the other way round.

Some of the most fashionable shows of all times:

1) Sex and the City:

Its impossible for a blog titled about the most fashionable TV series of all times not to mention SATC. The clothing styles on this show were as beautiful and unique as the characters itself. No one can ever forget Carrie’s bold outsy style and Miranda’s suited up formals.intro

2) Gossip Girl:

This show depicted the lifestyle of uber rich teenagers of the Upper East Side, obviously their outfits reflected the best and bold fashion trends of all time. Blair’s head band to Serena’s gowns they make your heart stop each time you watch them.gossip-girl-glamor1

3) Pretty Little Liars:

It is not hyperbole to say that this is the most fashion conscious show trending currently on TV. The series hosts 4 absolutely unique and superb dressing styles for all four of its main leads merging with their character traits. Even the recurring characters are amazingly well dressed.54eebf900b025_-_sev-pretty-little-liars-fashion-lgn

4) New Girl:

Jess’ s cute and perky girl-next-door has been the talk of fashionistas for a

5) Suits:

If there’s a show that combines classy with formal this is it. From suited formals to elegant evening wears this show has it all.Jessica-Pearson-Suits-outfits

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