Who is Lucky Blue Smith?

Who is this pretty face?


He was the star of the last fashion show of Philipp Plein in Milan, he looks like young Brad Pitt, he working for the best brands ( Calvin Klein,  and he is only 17!

A Social Media Master


In an interview to cosmopolitan he explains how social media is important to him him, bring him where he is now and how he feels about it:

“I wouldn’t technically be where I am without it. Clients, they want to know how many followers you have, so it matters now. But it’s helped me a lot because I’m one of the lucky ones to have that kind of [following] at my fingertips. I checked Instagram this morning and was like, “Holy crap, I’m 16 and I have a million followers.” That is so weird. Like, a million people have clicked that button. It’s trippy to think about.”

A maped-out destiny

Nice Family Portrait

His mom used to be a Model and his sisters Piper and Daisy are models as well. The agency Next Models made a family contract!

A musician


With his pretty sisters he started a band, The Atomics, where he plays drums.

 He is the pretty face of the year for sure!


Pic courtsey: Elle.be, Tumblr, Instagram.

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