The Edgy Grace of Aria Montgomery

Pretty Little Liars, the show more than the intricate twists and turns entailed for unmasking the true identity of ‘A’ is  known for the unique and absolutely stunning dressing styles of all its characters.

And nobody can mix the Gothic and Bohemian chic styles better than Aria Montgomery. Her dressing sense is utterly unique and automatically adds an edge of mystery to her character. The ethereal grace with which she carries herself is well the talented Lucy Hale’s herself. But the cocktail mix of classic with Boho is completely so special for Aria’s style.

Some of the most unique features of our soul melody’s (Aria) outfit are:

1. Leather couture:

Aria wears the most chic and fantastically matched leather accessories of all. Nobody could have matched that skirt better.

4f60f8248811fa60a120d27a9792672c2. Huge Earrings:

Lovely and large, this is the description for most of Aria’s earrings which are the highlight of her outfits.

7d9835a773c4bbf45468449fe12cafc13. Crotchety Necklaces:

They are no delicate chains but chunky and always have a unique statement to make.


4. Monotones:

Never afraid to experiment and extremely bold, she is never afraid to match up same tones together.

0038d0f3cb8b3cc48553ef46c46e5a265. Patterns:

Patterned skirts, dresses, pants. One of the most common features of her outfits.

93295fc88cb287050917e0252f2430356. Bandana:

She usually has her hair loose but she does tie it up time and again in pony tails, braided styles and the most elegant of all Bandanas. Her lustrous brown hair is absolutely stunning in that confinement.

6ef8974e1a3c93f9f79ab4bd86bb14c87. Racy:

Tanked tops or stockings all of them have a sexy and racy feel to them.


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