5 Hair Mistakes You're Making Right Now

There are tons of things we end up doing unintentionally that end up sabotaging your hair. We all love those gorgeous, shiny hair we see in the TV commercials and some of us even go to great lengths to achieve it but there are certain hair habits that seem okay in first go but are the real reason behind dry & damaged hair. So let’s just get down to business!

1. Taking long & lazy breaks between haircuts :

Getting into hibernation mode after your haircut is never a good idea. Problem with that is, our hair grows way too much and our stylist won’t be able to follow the shape of the last cut. It’s advisable to go for a haircut every six weeks.



2. Brushing your hair while it’s still wet

Always a big no. Your hair needs to be atleast 80% dry before you start styling it. Why bother when it’s wet?


3. Blowout mode : Super hot!

It’s the air not the heat that dries your hair. So go easy on it.


4. Mixing hair spray and heat!

When you have hair spray on and you bring it near to the heat, you are quiet literally frying your hair. You love your hair don’t you? Have a little mercy and apply thermal protector to while you are onto styling it.


 5. Hair Accessories on wet hair

This causes breakage because your hair is maximum fragile when it’s wet. If brushing your hair when it’s wet a mistake, plugging hair accessories is a crime!


So if you love your hair as much as we do, pay a little bit more attention to these tiny little things for a healthy & beautiful hair!

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