Ian Somerhalder and Niki Reed Are Married!

With Ian tweeting this on their wedding day, we couldn’t be more in awe with him.

It’s official people! Niki Reed has tied the knot with Ian Somerhalder.  Most definitely the cutest match of the vampire world. Won’t you agree? Twilight star, Niki married the Vampire Diaries sweetheart on Sunday in Malibu and they looked just adorable.

Bride wore a Claire Pettibone fishtail gown with elegant lace sleeves and Ian in his all-white suit looked mm, IAN.




“What’s actually, I think, nurtured this long friendship that we’ve had is that we are passionate about similar things”, Reed confessed to reporters. She also said that more often than not, they wake in the morning and discuss how to make the world a better place. What’s more adorable than that?

This – She says they don’t fight. EVER! Well, except for one small thing, he thinks his eyes are ocean blue and she thinks they are aqua. * Insert Infinite Awws*



We wish this cutesy duo all the happiness in the world!

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