5 Tips for a Perfect Manicure

You have always wanted the perfect manicure without ruining yourself by going to the nail salon every week?

Here are some useful tips you can you try to have the shiny and glowing manicure.

1. Apply a Top Coat

Pop a top coat on your nail polish to make it last longer and give a great shiny look to your nails. You can repeat it every second day to keep your manicure looking fresh and glossy.

5 Tips for a Perfect Manicure

2. Apply a Base Coat

If you don’t apply a base coat your nails will get stained from the polish, and your manicure won’t last as long because it doesn’t have a solid base to cling to. Without a base coat your nails can also turn into a yellowish colour.

3. Don’t pick or chew your cuticles

First it doesn’t look classy at all; secondly it’s the quickest way to get an infection. The contour of your nails will turn reddish and it will be painful.

4. Use Hand Cream

Use hand moisturizer as often as you can. Keeping your skin hydrated and protected with a barrier cream will prevent dry, raw or cracking skin, particularly in winter. It is not only about your nails but also your hands!

5 Tips for a Perfect Manicure

5. Protect Nails with Rubber Gloves

Getting your nails wet and exposing them to washing up liquid and cleaning products is the quickest way for your lovely manicure to get damaged, and to dry out cuticles. The solution? Wear rubber gloves when you do any housekeeping task.

Photos Credits: La Vie en Blonde, Steal the Style, VanillaBow
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