3 Pairs of Jeans Every Girl Should Own This Summer

Jeggings, Leggings – They can introduce all the substitutes for jeans but I love my jeans and I am pretty sure you do too. For a perfect wardrobe, you need to keep your denim essentials in check and here’s where you start!


From a casual hang out to a night out with your girls, skinnies go everywhere. Even in skinny jeans, ankle length skinny jeans are something you should opt for. Pair them with stilettos or sneakers, you can manage to look effortlessly stylish.

Skinny Jeans


Slouchy. Comfortable. The mere look of it can put you in ease. Pair them with a basic tee and a blazer for an uber chic look!

Boyfriend Jeans


There’s skinnies and then there’s flares. You gotta have them both! If you have model-long legs, these jeans are going to be your best friend. Even if you don’t, fret not – you can always style them with heels or platforms.

Flared Jeans


So what’s it going to be ladies? Do you own them all or are you going to add a more to your wardrobe? 


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